Episode 4: Men

Fat Chicks On Top: Men


Guests: Sean "Monkey" Mackiney; Issac "Ike" Torres (poet); Ngaio Bealum (comic, Cooking on High)

Hosts JennyLynn and Auntie Vice discuss why men need to be included in the body positive movement and what they love about men.

Sean "Monkey" Mackiney (Host of Brown Chicken Brown Cow) discusses living with chronic pain and an accident which left him unable to walk for six months; being polyamourous; opening his marriage after 10 years; and sex.

Issac "Ike" Torres (poet, actor) discusses his multipe "fat cycles," what it is like to be large, male and on stage, and performs a piece from ManChild abotu weight.

Ngaio Bealum (comin, Cooking on High) discusses weed, finding his stage look, black sitcom dads and what he is grateful for.

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