Queer Women

Episode 15: Queer Women

Hosts: Auntie Vice and Amy Estes

Guests: Shahera Hyatt (comic), Sage Fox (activist), Carly DuHain (musician)


This episode, hosts Auntie Vice and Amy Estes talk about being queer women, dating, comedy, and U-Hauling. They are joined by Shahera Hyatt, a comic and the head of the CA Homeless Youth Research Project; Sage Fox, the first trans woman invited back to serve in the US Army after transitioning and; Carly DuHain, lead singer of Drop Dead Red.



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What a Drag!

Episode 15: What a Drag!


Host: Auntie Vice, Amy Estes

Guests: Eartha Tremors (of the Windy City Imperial Court), Katori Knight (guest performer with the Rebel Kings), and Shahera Hyatt (comic)

Drag is so much more than what we see on RuPaul's Drag Race. Eartha Tremors of the Windy City Imperial Court joins Auntie Vice to chat about the Court's history, purpose and drag more broadly. Katori Knight talks about performing as a drag king with the Rebel Kings and drag vs. burlesque. Shahera Hyatt talks about her work with unhomed youth, performing comedy for queer audiences, and being bisexual.

Hosts: Auntie Vice and CharRon Smith

Guests: Kirsten Shultz, Katori Knight, Amber Whitford

Disability advocates Kristen Shultz and Katori Knight discuss their disability journeys, non-binary identities, and joy in pop culture and performance.

Amber Whitfor and CharRon Smith bond over Next Generation and argue about the value of the first Black captain getting an outpost versus a ship to captain. Auntie Vice is just confused by this whole thing...

Co-Hosts: Erica Ambrin, Auntie Vice

Guests: Ali Yada, Amber Whitford

Erica Ambrin (musician, songwriter) joins Auntie Vice to chat music, creativity, writing, and love. She drops an amazing song for the guests.

Ali Yada (comic) talks about creating her Invisible Disabilities comedy show, living with anxiety and what meth addiction and Mormonism have in common.

Amber Whitford (comic) talks about living with multiple invisible disabilities, pursuing her passion, and recycling cats.

Co-Hosts: Auntie Vice

Guests: Koe Creation, Amy Estes

Koe Creation (author, educator) talks about their new memoir This Heart Holds Many which covers their childhood growing up in a polyamours, sex-positive family in the Pacific Northwest.

Amy Estes (comic) talks about finding intuitive eating, learning to nourish herself and connecting with her body.

Host: Auntie Vice

Guests: Renair Amin and Koe Creation

Auntie Vice identifies as agender and Renair Amin and Koe Creation identify as genderfluid. These terms are nebulous and not well understood by many people. Hear three nonbinary folks from very different backgrounds discuss what it means to be nonbinary and genderfluid.

Guests: Paul Imagine (adult toy store owner) and Lindsay Hoppe (sex toy reviewer)


Auntie Vice and CharRon chat about their feelings about sex toys, being a couple where Auntie Vice embraces sex toys and CharRon is much more hesitant, and using sex toys as a couple.

Paul Imagine talks about owning an adult toy store, how folks can get the most out of a visit to their local brick and mortar sex toy dealer, and how many people use noses to test toys.

Lindsay Hoppe talks about sex toys for bigger bodies folks, the challenges, the ones which work really well, and what she would like to see the toy world develop for fat folks.

Fat Chicks hosts Auntie Vice and Wendy Lewis interview Mariana Moscosos of the Decolonization Project and Stacey Gee a slam poet exploring ideas of beauty stemming from her heritage. Our conversation covers how the culture of colonizing groups from England, Spain  and France changed ideas of gender and sexuality, language and ideas of beauty. Guests discuss ways they have unlearned problematic ideas of beauty and work to embrace their own bodies and beauty.

 Bonus Clips!!

Our producer CharRon has put bonus material together from some of our most interesting guests.

Alice in Bondageland talks pet play and why people would be into kink.

Bevin (Fat Kids Dance Party) talks about the importance of self-care and how she goes about self-care with her incredibly demanding schedule.



Episode 9: 40!!!


Guests: Evie Vane (author, blogger) and Tina Hayes (Belly Dancer/Model)

Auntie Vice and guest co-host CharRon Smith discuss their feelings on turning 40 and what they have discovered now that they both passed that milestone.

Evie Vane discusses her award-winning book Bondage for All Bodies, discovering kink after 40, and her work in the bondage community.

Tina Hayes discusses how the body positive movement has impacted her as a straight-sized person, how she recovered from an abusive relationship and got back out on the dating scene after 40,  her reaction and work around her daughter's eating disorder, turning 40, and the joys of sex after 40.


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