Guest: Dabby Longlegs, burlesque and drag performer

Dabby Longlegs, burlesque, drag, and pole performer joins Fat Chicks to talk about working as a trans performer. Dabby delves into their gender affirmation surgeries (top surgery, hystorectomy), coming into their body, and performing.

Dabby talks about being raised in a conservative, religious family; how it shaped their identity; shame; and learning to come into themselves.

Social Media:

Enlightened Living (podcast)


TikTok @Dabby.longlegs

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Guest: Rae Luna, burlesque and go-go dancer


This week we continue with Erotic Performer Month. Rae Luna is a nonbinary burleque and go-go dancer based in San Francisco, CA. They talk about embracing thier body, how to seduce yourself, being Brown and how that influences their performances and so much more!

Rae has performed at Twisted Windows, an even created and hosted by previous Fat Chicks guest Shay Tizanoat Bondage-a-go-go in San Francisco, and with Om Nom Nom Nobinary Burlesque.


They also discuss growing up mixed race, not knowing their father's culture, being soaked in the white cool-aid and coming to terms with their identity.


Social Media:

_Omoonrae_ on Instagram and Twitter


Upcoming Shows:


July 8th Om Nom Nom Nonbinary Burlesque at Amaro's in San Francisco, CA


July 22nd No Cover Caberet at The Skylark in San Francisco, CA

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Guest: Shay Tizano, Rope expert, Erotic Performer

Author of Tying and Flying and Creating Captivating Classes


Shay joins Fat Chicks on Top to discuss finding rope, exploring self-suspension and the erotic arts. Creator of Twisted Windows, a kink erotic show in San Francisco, CA, Shay seeks to explore and expand how people experience erotic performances and rope.

Social Media:


Instagram @ShayTizano

Twitter @ShayBlondie


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Guest: Rain De Grey (author, performer, advice columnist, podcaster)

Rain De Grey pursues experiences and is constantly creating. She produces and hosts the podcast Dirty Talk, writes the advice column "Dirty Talk," teaches in kink and BDSM, and is the star of more than two dozen erotic films. We talk the drive to create, neurodivergence, teaching, and living the life you want.

Rain goes deep into how autism, ADHD, and CPTSD shape her understanding of the world and are a bit of her superpower when it comes to the drive to constantly create.

Smart, thoughtful, and deeply insightful this conversation gives listeners a deeper understanding of both neurodivergence and creativity.


Find Rain at:

@RainDeGrey on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook


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Guest: Gretchen Felker-Martin

This episode, Gretchen Felker-Martin author of Manhunt and host of "Deadlights Theater" on Patreon, joins Auntie Vice to talk horror, fatness, transness, and the reaction to her novel Manhunt

Instagram @gretchenfelkermartin

Twitter @Scumbelievable

Instagram @GretchenFelkerMartin


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Guest: Imani Barbarin, disabilities advocate

Imani Barbarin (crutches and spice) joins Auntie Vice to talk about disabilities, representation, the American and French healthcare systems, SSDI, COVID and finding joy!


She spends time discussing racism, sexism, fatphobia, and gaslighting by doctors. We delve into how this impacts patient's health and long-term outcomes. For every doctor who has ever treated a fat, Black, or disabled person, hear what we actually experience at your hands.


With COVID now looking like it will be a mass disabling event, she discusses how the Social Security System is on the verge of collapse and how more than 10,000 people a year die while waiting for paperwork to be processed.


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Guest: Meg Elison

Ask Your Auntie: Tri tip, chili recipes


Meg Elison, author of The Road to Nowhere series and recent Nebula winner for "The Pill", joins Auntie Vice to talk all things fat chicks.

- Growing up queer and fat.

- Writing futurism and sci-fi with queer and trans characters

Best Lesbian Erotica v. 6

- Needing more sex in adult novels

- Dating as a bisexual

and... an amazing list of suggested reading!!!


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Books Mentioned in This Episode

Sabrina Springs. Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia

Boston Women’s Health Collective and Judy Norsigan. Our Bodies, Ourselves

Virgie Tovar, You Have the Right to Remain Fat

Siri Walker, Dietland

Julie Murphy , Dumplin’

Julie Murphy, If the Shoe Fits

Kate Staymen-London, The One to Watch

Peter Benchly, Jaws

Sinclair Sexsmith, ed., Best Lesbian Erotica, volume 6

Meg Elison, The Unnamed Midwife

Meg Elison, The Book of Etta

Meg Elison, Book of Flora

Meg Elison, “The Pill” in Big Girl

Collette, The Collective Stories of Collette

Pat Califia, Macho Sluts

Melinda Lao, Last Night at the Telegraph Club

Gretchen Felker-Martin Manhunter

Guest: Devyn Stone, Kink Educator

Devyn Stone, kink educator and therapist, joins Auntie Vice to talk about how he became a kink educator, neurodivergence, the fawn response, and more! He talks about how he came to know he processed information differently from other people and how that understanding opened up his world.

He also discusses the upcoming Thrive conference - a conference dedicated to the psychological aspects of kink. The conference is free, online, and can be attended with a brief registration.

Register for Thrive at


#BDSM #kink #conferences #education #trans #lgtbq #neurodivergence #fawnresponse #psychology

Fcot 206

Guest: Jesse Rivera, Comic & Podcaster

Jesse Rivera, host of Jesse Rivera Likes to TalkJesse Rivera's Top 5, and producer/host of "Dear Abby WTF?" "Tele Novella" and other improv shows joins Auntie Vice to talk comedy, podcasting, growing up Mexican in California's Central Valley and MORE!!!


We chat the importance of finding tribe, how he connected with comics and found his, the recent death of his mom, doing body positive comedy, and turning 50!

He also heaps praise on the Sacramento comic community. If you have worked in, have a venue in, or attend comedy in the Sacramento era, you might just be name checked in this episode.

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