Guest: Nika Cherrelle: podcaster, fine artist/sculpture, educator, coash

Nika Cherrelle joins Auntie Vice to chat about fine arts, coming into their own body and identity, growing up Black in Missouri, and so much more! Host of the "It" Cast, Nika is no stranger to going deep on sensitive topics. We talk family legacies and their impact on identity, Black hair, and protecting white folks feelings.

CW: The discussion contains graphic descriptions of slavery and violence toward the enslaved peoples.

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The "It" Cast

Nikita Sex Toy

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Guest: Tallulah Breslin, gender-affirming voice coach

Tallulah Breslin joins Fat Chicks on Top to talk about gender-affirming voice coaching and how people find their voice. Voice is critical for our identities and how we interact with folks. Tallulah talks the science and art of finding your finished voice to match who you want to be.


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Guest: Mistress Schari, professional Dominatrix

Mistress Shari has gone from stripping her way through graduate school to working as a pro-Domme in the New York area. She has worked as a pro Domme for nearly two decades. Schari joins Fat Chicks to talk about finding her passion as a pro Domme, why she does this work, and what she has learned from years in the field. She chats about working with other women, aging, and loving running her own business. She also points folks in the right direction if they want to pursue this calling.


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Guest: Boss Boar, kink educator

Boss Boar is a kink educator who specializes in teaching about pressure points, fear play, humilation, and degredation. He joins Fat Chicks to talk about tapping into the dark side of desire, finding out what that means for him, and how to engage in more advanced forms of kink play.

We also have an extended conversation about consent, creating safety in our communitys, and the responsibilities of kink educators and leaders when it comes to admitting we messed up.

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Guest: Mir Green, Owner of Wicked Grounds and kink educator


Mir Green joins Fat Chicks on Top to talk about the intersection of kink identities, queerness, and politics. Tune in to find out how they organized the community to keep Starbucks from building in the Leather District in San Francisco, grouwing up queer in a 3-stoplight town in the dessert, the importance of community, and crushing the patriarchy. This episode will leave you wanting to rise up and fight the power!


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Wicked Grounds Patreon

Blog recommended by Mir We Hunted the Mammoth


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Guest: Dr. Liz Powell, Ph.D. and Therapist

Dr. Liz Powell specializes in LGBTQ+ and nonbinary/trans therapy. They join Fat Chicks on Top to talk about collective trauma, COVID, healing, politics and more! We also touch on crappy tv including a joint love of Empire and The L Word.

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Twitter and Instagram @DrLizPowell

Indigogo Campaign

Guest: Jimanekia Eborn, healer, sex educator, visionary

Jimanekia Eborn joins Fat Chicks on Top to talk about her work in sexual healing and education. She runs and is in the process of expanding the Tending the Garden retreat for sexual assault survivors. We talk healing and how various identities interact with the theraputic process. Then things get fun and we chat being bisexual, dating, and passion.


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@Jimanekia on Instagram and Twitter


Guest: Dulcinea Pitagora, aka The Kink Doctor

Dr. Dulcinea Pitagora joins Fat Chicks on Top to talk about the academic and spiritual understanding of kink. From early work as a pro-Domme in NYC to their academic work on sub-space, the heteronormativity of ano-receptive men in kink, and more!

Auntie Vice gets to geek-out in conversation with another Ph.D. delving into the nuances of kink, trust, and connection. So. Much. Fun.

Dr. Pitagora now works as a therapist and academic in NYC. They talk about a journey of gender affirmation, healing and kink, and much more. We also touch on their great kink reading list! Check out the links below.

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@KinkDoctor on Twitter and Instagram

Reading List:

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Guest: Terry Dornak, Therapist and Activist

Terry Dornak joins Fat Chicks to talk about bisexuality, activism, therapy, and FUCK FLORIDA. We have an extended conversation about the various legislative attacks on the LGTBQ+ community.


She hosts the podcast Hello, Wonderful! Check it out on most streaming services.

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@TerryDornak on Twitter and Instagram

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Guest: Rahim Thawertherapist, college professor

Rahim Thawer is a therapist focusing on LGBTQ folks witha sub-specialty in shame. He has lived in several countries and joins Fat Chicks to talk about queerness, shame, envy, and community. He provides insight into the role circut parties play in gay life around the world. He talks about the intersecting identities of being Muslim and gay.


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@LadyAtivan on Twitter and Instagram

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