Fat Chicks On Top

Episode 8

Guests: The Princess Kali and Andi and Laika from The Body Political

CharRon Smith guest co-hosts. Auntie Vice and CharRon talk about men's again bodies, CharRon's re-introduction to his toes through yoga, and raising interracial kids.

The Princess Kali (author, kink educator) chat about Enough to Make You Blush, humiliation play, kink, and finding your sexual boundaries.

Andi and Laika (producers, burlesque dancers) talk about the development of their show "The Body Political," creating a nationally recognized burlesque show, and how burlesque can be used as a way to tell the stories of our bodies and our political time.

Episode 7: Sexy Bodies

Guests: Suz Ellis (Red Hot Suz) and Elle Chase (Curvy Girl Sex)

Hosts Auntie Vice and JennyLynn chat about their bodies, what makes them feel sexy, and the politics of claiming the right to feel sexy.

Suz Ellis (blogger, cam girl) chats about becoming a sex blooger and cam girl, dating, hooking up and feeling her sexy.

Elle Chase (author, certified sex educator) chats about life after divorce, the power of taking sexy photos of herself, and finding comfort and pleasure in her bigger body.

Episode 6: Healthy Bodies

Guests: Kelli Dunham, HethreBeth Woodford

Co-hosts JennyLynn and Auntie Vice chat about trying to access effective healthcare and how they employ self care.

Kelli Dunham is a stand-up comic and RN who teaches about accessing care with a focus on queer women and people who have experienced trauma. She talks about accessing care and then turns to talking about doing stand-up.

HethreBeth Woodford, founder of Sex Positive Sacramento and a social worker talks about sex positivity, tips and tools on raising kids in a healthy environment, and her favorite vibrator.

Episode 5: Occupying Space

Guests: Alice in Bondageland, Sister Francis AssEZ of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Diana Hong

JennyLynn and Auntie Vice discuss what its like to learn to occupy space, both emotional and physical, as a fat chick.

Alice in Bondageland discusses being a FemDomme, creating porn that captures both the erotic and humorous, and teaching flirting to software engineers.

Sister Francis AssEZ talks about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, getting comfortable in his own body as a gay man, and the upcoming Chunky Dunk event.

Diana Hong talks about switching from professional golf to comedy, finding her voice, and her love of weed and cookies.


Special shout outs to Wicked Grounds and all the wonderful work they do in this episode!

Episode 4: Men

Fat Chicks On Top: Men


Guests: Sean "Monkey" Mackiney; Issac "Ike" Torres (poet); Ngaio Bealum (comic, Cooking on High)

Hosts JennyLynn and Auntie Vice discuss why men need to be included in the body positive movement and what they love about men.

Sean "Monkey" Mackiney (Host of Brown Chicken Brown Cow) discusses living with chronic pain and an accident which left him unable to walk for six months; being polyamourous; opening his marriage after 10 years; and sex.

Issac "Ike" Torres (poet, actor) discusses his multipe "fat cycles," what it is like to be large, male and on stage, and performs a piece from ManChild abotu weight.

Ngaio Bealum (comin, Cooking on High) discusses weed, finding his stage look, black sitcom dads and what he is grateful for.

Episode 3: Dating

Fat Chicks On Top


Guests: Andrew Gurza; Melissa McMurrey; Wendy Lewis

Hosts JennyLynn and Auntie Vice discuss sex, dating and tips for being a fat chick on top.

Andrew Gurza (Host of Disability After Dark) discusses dating while queer and disabled, the gay aesthetic, finding relationships, and learning to love his body.

Melissa McMurrey discusses being queer, non-monogamous/polyamourous, and what makes her love her body.

Wendy Lewis (comic) discusses finding her passion in comedy, connecting with people, make-up, clothes and being a big girl on stage.

Episode 2: Health

Episode 2: Health


Guests: Bevin (Fat Kids Dance Party); April Lauryn; AndYes (poet)

Co-hosts JennyLynn and Auntie Vice discuss their personal health journeys, being Bipolar, and the health system.

Bevin, Creator of Fat Kids Dance Party, discusses creating a body-positive workout video series based on her successful class in Los Angeles, the lesbian aestethic, finding her passion, and self-care.

April Lauryn discusses her journey to find out she has Cushing's, the way the medical profession treats fat women, and how she found the strenght to keep fighting for her life.

AndYes (poet) discusses being asexual, living with depression, creativity and growing as a poet.

 Fat Chicks On Top


Guests: Wayne King, Renair Amin, ChaCha Burnedette

Hosts JennyLynn and Auntie Vice introduce this new body positive, sex positive podcast.

Wayne King discusses what its like to be a big, sexy gay man in the world of burlesque and his love of La Croix.

Renair Amin discusses Ms. Full Figured USA, the ministry, and coming out nonbinary and queer.

ChaCha Burnedette discusses feminism, being a burlesque performer, and tells her worsrt weed story.

Comedian Diana Hong answers the questions what she is grateful for and what everyone should try at least once in a lifetime.

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